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End Your Neuropathy Problems!

Which Neuropathy Symptoms Do You Suffer From?

Numbness in the hands or feet, Pins and needles feeling, tingling or burning sensations, weakness in arms or legs, problems with balance?

We offer a NATURAL SOLUTION for Neuropathy

Neuropathy can affect every part of your life walking, sitting and even sleeping.  If you have “tried everything” (Anodyne therapy, Lyrica, Neurontin, or other medications without getting results there is hope and you may benefit from our Neuropathy program.

What if you could utilize the natural scientific principles of nerve healing?

What makes a nerve healthy?

What causes nerve damage?

How can I naturally tip the balance toward healing the nerves while also removing what was damaging them?

The Most Important Solution to your Neuropathy…

Is to first uncover the cause of the damage to your nerves. Some of the causative factors: Blood sugar imbalances-insulin resistance, cortisol hormone imbalances, oxygen deliverability issues, autoimmune conditions, various food sensitivities, gastrointestinal problems, chronic inflammation, toxic exposure to heavy metals, chemo therapy induced neuropathy. Once the cause is determined we can focus our therapies to correct the underlying issues. That is what makes our neuropathy program so different from anything you have tried in the past.

What we do?

We will order specific lab tests with blood, urine and or saliva that have most likely not been done with you not been done with you. This testing will help us uncover the underlying issues . My unique background allows me to analyze these tests to determine what is causing your neuropathy. We also perform a unique and clinically proven Neurological examination in which we can score your Neuropathy to determine the % of damage to your nerves. With this information we can now give you the answer that you ultimately are seeking.

Can I be helped and how long will it take?


We utilize therapeutic modalities to wake up the nerves.  Rebuilder (electrical stimulation), Decompression, Brain Balance Therapy, Vibration Therapy, Hakomed Therapy and PEMF Therapy.  We combine our therapies with specific nutritional recommendations and formulas to begin to tip the balance toward healing nerves and correcting underlying issues.

Relieving the Pain of Peripheral Neuropathy in Chicago, IL

Because peripheral neuropathy can be such a painful condition, eradicating the suffering is generally top treatment priority.

Your success and prognosis is determined by the extent of damage and the underlying cause.  Neuropathy cases are not the same.  It is therefore unrealistic to think that every patient with neuropathy will respond the same.  Some patients will respond faster than others and for some the best might be 50% improvement.  The truth is that Neuropathy is a progressive condition.  This means the the underlying condition needs to be controlled or the neuropathy will get worse.

If you are in the Chicago, IL and Surrounding area and suffer from peripheral neuropathy, our expert team of doctors can help relieve your pain. Contact us today to request an appointment. We can help you feel better fast!